Figura leggera, 2017
Objekt mixed media
165 x 43 x 45 cm

Dario Tironis work has been displayed on many occasions both in individual and collective exhibitions. The immaterial world that emerges in the assemblages of Dario Tironi consists of plastic, tangible and sustainable aesthetic values. The message conveyed is universal: recycling or reusing materials can become an expressive means and an in-depth investigation that allows us to go beyond the boundaries of the contingent.

An explosion of vibrant colours and vitality distinguish Dario’s sculptures, the playful and ironic sense of his artistic research making him an authentic contemporary Arcimboldo. His compositions are created through a careful selection process and a complex assembly of everyday waste objects, chosen especially for their evocative power. They inhabit an indefinable and suspended time which allows us to reflect on the social condition of contemporary man and are enhanced by the recycling of used material which becomes malleable and is transformed to create mobile human figures coming from an unidentifiable future.

These materials are themselves products of the contemporary „Plastic Age“: accessories, technological devices, toys and dolls, household appliances and ornaments, gadgets of all kinds and mass products, materials which not only reflect our cultural identity and aesthetic
taste, but also, due to their obsolete nature, its futile desires and manufactured needs. His sculptures depict a human which transcends the figure of contemporary man, revealing his existential, social and psychological pathologies.


Dario Tironi – geboren 1980 in Bergamo /
Italien. Er finalisierte sein Skulpturstudium
an der Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in
Mailand. Seine Arbeiten aus Found Footage
Materialien wurden sowohl in Einzel-
als auch Gruppenausstellungen gezeigt.